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Mobile Web Design presentation by Brian Fling

This is a must read for anyone interested in developing mobile web applications for mobile devices. It gives a good overview, and goes into some detail into iPhone web development near the end.  It is almost like a state of the union address for where we are at with mobile application development.

Apple iPhone Mobile mobile 2.0 mobileweb Web Design

The iPhone SDK for Web Development

Here’s part of the announcement that Steve Jobs forgot to mention…

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Project: Psychic Insights by Debbie

Besides my current stream of projects, for the past couple weeks, I’ve been asked to complete a web redesign for a local Rochester Minnesota psychic who prefers to be called Debbie. I finally completed the work yesterday, and I must admit that it was an interesting experience.

The first time I met Debbie, I had my doubts about her abilities, but after my wife spent some time with her, I have to admit that she is fairly accurate in her readings. She wasn’t 100% correct but she got about 80% of the things right, which is quite extraordinary. I’ve also just added the site to my online portfolio.

UPDATE: Due to non-payment, I had to remove the website from the public view.  It is still available in a privately accessible site.