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Blue Business Platform and iPhone

I can finally speak about the project that has completely taken over my life for the past year. Project Bluehouse or Blue Business Platform is the official codename in the press release. Essentially, “IBM Lotus Foundations is a new family of software servers currently planned to provide the essential software that companies with five to 500 employees need to run their business.”

Things are still being worked out, but I have already pitched the idea of integrating this server management piece with the iPhone (now that the iPhone SDK is officially out there).  Unfortunately, things at IBM go at a glacial pace, and I have yet to hear much about my idea coming to fruition. Well, here’s hoping they seriously consider it.

Apple iPhone Mobile

iPhone firmware wishlist

After getting my hands on an iPhone for the last few months, my impression is that it is the most elegant mobile phone out there. However, here’s a few ideas for Apple to incorporate into their next iPhone update that’ll make it truly the best mobile phone in the world.

  • Copy and paste (Come on, how hard can this be?)
  • Text to speech for Safari web pages (This is useful for when you are driving and want the text of the web page to be read outloud to you)
  • Enable Bluetooth GPS receivers (If the Windows Mobile SmartPhone has support for this, then why can’t the iPhone?)
  • Voice prompted turn-by-turn navigation in Maps (Right now, you get directions in the Maps application, but unless you have a passenger with you that can operate the iPhone and tell you where to turn next, you are bound to get into an accident doing this solo)
  • Corporate Wi-Fi access (allow user/pwd instead of preshared key for authentication)
  • Video capture for camera. (Like the copy and paste idea, I have no idea why this is so difficult to implement)
  • Native iPod games that you can buy from iTunes on an iPhone (Not just as a Safari webapp)
  • Enable offline storage for Maps and Safari webapps
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Google Calendar secret integration with Lotus Notes 8

Sorry… its been a while since my last post. Tons of stuff keeping me busy. I just recently stumbled upon an interesting feature in Lotus Notes 8, which I had not been aware of until now. If anyone has ever used Google Calendar to invite their friends/colleagues to meetings, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that invitees that use Lotus Notes will be able to accept meetings in Lotus Notes and have it update their Lotus Notes Calendar as well as the sender’s Google Calendar. If anyone has tried this out, please let me know how it worked for you.