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Google Talk and Gizmo Project interoperable

Google recently announced a new instant messaging/VOIP (net calling) software called Google Talk. More importantly, Google is agreeing to connect to other networks – something the big three instant messaging companies have refused to do. What does this have to do with Gizmo Project? Michael Robertson. He is owns significant stakes in both Gizmo Project and SIPphone. His companies have agreed to join into a federation with Google to use open standards and allow everyone to trade instant messages and voice calls. According to a mailing list email I received today from Michael Robertson:

Google’s monumental announcement lays the groundwork for a shift in how instant messaging and voice will work in the future. It’s the first time a major net company has agreed to use open standards and connect their network to others. Future releases of Gizmo Project will allow voice calls and instant messages to and from Google Talk. This is made possible because Google is using Jabber, (an instant messaging standard which Gizmo Project is also employing) and also providing a SIP interchange (SIP is standard often used for voice calls – and where SIPphone derived its name).