Podcasting and BitTorrent

It seems that podcasting is the hot new thing around the Internet these days. I had never really paid much attention to podcasting until it became part of iTunes. Ever since, I’ve been hooked onto podcasts like TwiT, Inside Mac, and DiggNation. One thing I have noticed is that bandwidth costs for popular podcasts is very expensive.

Over the weekend, I did some research into why majority of podcasters don’t include bittorrents of their audio/video files in their RSS feeds. To me, that would seem like the ideal solution to this problem. The problem lies in the lack of client support. Many podcasting clients do not include BitTorrent support. To my knowledge, I have only heard of Juice (formerly iPodder) and Videora as RSS clients that claim BitTorrent support. Also, an older technology preview version of Opera 8.02 Windows | Mac includes a built-in RSS reader with BitTorrent support. I have successfully subscribed to a video RSS bittorrent feed at using Opera 8.02 and it works like a charm. I am stumped as to why Opera did not include this functionality in their latest release. I am equally stumped as to why more podcasters don’t include a bittorrent RSS feed to help save on their bandwidth like does. I am willing to bet that this problem will get resolved in the next few months as many popular podcasters find bandwidth bills to be burdensome to their operating budget. I only hope that Apple will include BitTorrent support in their iTunes software.

I am not the only one who has thought of this: