Aikido Journal

Tuesday Tidbits

Wow! This past weekend saw the gasoline prices at the pump soar to $2.07 / gallon. I guess its time to seriously think about getting those hybrid vehicles, like the Toyota Prius.

Another bit of news worth mentioning is that the offline Playfair project is finally back online. I am quite curious to see if the Apple lawyers will find another way to shut this project down again.

AikidoI rented and saw “The Last Samurai” last night and it was pretty cool. The samurai fighting sequences kinda reminded me of all the Aikido lessons I took when I was younger. I attended religiously for 4 years at Calgary Aikikai. I’ve tested and received a 5th kyu ranking. However, I know most of the techniques needed to get brown belt (3rd kyu). In Rochester MN, I attended the Aikido of Rochester dojo off and on for a couple years.

Oh by the way, go Flames go! Hopefully, tonight we’ll go up 2-0 in the series.