Alternative Search Engines

Here is some interesting research regarding the various ways to find information on the Internet. I’ve noticed that most people will use Google, Yahoo, or MSN search. However, there are many other search engines still out there that have found their own unique niche in the search engine world. – This site claims to be a visual meta search engine. Key in a search term and be wonderfully amazed at the visually respresented mapped links to your search results. This is great tool for seeing link relationships between the sites that are mapped.

A9 – This is an service that allows you to personalize your search process. Some features include site recommendations based on past searches, and buttons to Google-provided results, Wikipedia entries, medical literature, or other people’s searches.

GigaBlast – Search engine with refinement tools. GigaBits feature shows which sites have the most results for your keywords.

MSN Search with Encarta – A basic search engine like Google and Yahoo, but with capability to search its Encarta encyclopedia. It makes a great tool for quick research.

Teoma – Rather than simply counting the number of sites that link to a particular site, Teoma sorts sites by subject-specific criteria, and popularity. The refine feature suggests ways to dig deeper into your subject. – This tool searches all the travel website databases like Priceline and Expedia to show you best prices, best travel dates, best lodging. It improves the interface by automatically showing you airports near your destination as you type.

SideStep – This tool is kind of like Kayak, except it searches more travel databases, and links you directly to the websites that offer the deal. – This is a research tool that scans online encyclopedias like GuruNet and Wikipedia, to consolidate those entries without leaving the website.

BrainBoost – This tool uses natural language query similar to Ask Jeeves to provide you with answers to your questions.

FactBites – is more interested in content analysis than link popularity. The results are heavy on encyclopedia entries which is great for researching facts or history.

Become – This is a shopping site search that locates reviews, buying guides, and is generally useful for those who need to compare technologies, and features. If you already know what you are looking for, then Froogle and PriceGrabber are your best bets.

Oodle – This is an online classified ads search engine that pulls in results from popular sites as Craigslist and newspapers. Oodle has a easy to use and attractive interface.

PinPoint – This site run by AOL, searches through thousands of different online stores and allows you to comparision shop without any of the clutter.

ZabaSearch – This allows you to find people and where they’ve lived in the past. Background checks are available with a fee. This is rather creepy to know that your privacy is available to those who are willing to pay.

ZoomInfo – This site searches the web with a focus on people/authors of the web pages that it lists on the results page.

Of course, there are so many other sites available out there that I cannot possibly list all of them here. Hopefully, these sites can help narrow down the search to what you really are looking for.