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Why I am not getting iPhone 2.0

Just take a read at this NYT article entitled “New iPhone Pricing Model Is a Step Backward for Consumers” and it explains exactly why I am not going to be in the market for the new iPhone 2.0.  Apparently, Apple and AT&T have closed off the biggest loophole that existed that enabled iPhone 1.0 users to ability to jailbreak their iPhones and do with them as they pleased. What exactly was that loophole? They won’t let you walk out of the stores with the new iPhone 2.0 without signing up for the new 2 YR contract!  That’s right.  Loophole closed.

What does iPhone 2.0 offer that warrants an upgrade?  GPS, 3G, and slightly larger storage.  That simply is NOT enough to warrant the extra $30 / month I’d have to shell out to get the new iPhone 2.0.  I currently pay $55 incl. taxes and fees for my iPhone 1.0 plan, and I thought that was pretty hefty to begin with.  This new plan simply is highway robbery!  Apple and AT&T, no thanks, but I’m sticking with iPhone 1.0.

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