Mobile mobile 2.0

Location and network awareness for mobiles

Let’s make an assumption that your smartphone has built-in Wi-Fi. I’ll be bold enough to claim that in a couple of years, Wi-Fi will become standard in smartphones. Wouldn’t it be nice that the smartphone knew that upon connecting to an open Wi-Fi hotspot, that it would automatically use the the Wi-Fi connection as the preferred data network, and in turn allow long distance or local calls to be routed using Skype, Gizmo, or some other VOIP provider?

This type of location network awareness could be applied to many other applications. For instance, upon connecting to your Wi-Fi router at home, it could signal an action of some kind. For instance, if your smartphone sensed that your PC or Mac was online in your home network, it could synchronize your smartphone’s contacts, calendars, and music automatically over Wi-Fi. On the smartphone, there should be the ability to discover open hotspots, store those hotspots to location profiles, and take actions based on those location and network profiles.

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