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Cyber-stalking with FriendFeed

Well.. here’s my public FriendFeed that you can use to follow everything that I do online.

Spooky, eh? If there’s only one RSS feed that you want to keep track of my online world, this is it.  Looks like a very promising web service. It allows you to make and keep track of comments for all your online feeds that you subscribe to. All your feeds and conversations in one place. Interesting…

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Website redesign: Rochester International Association

Looks like I am approved to get started on redesigning the Rochester International Association website. It’s been about 4 years since it’s last redesign. This is how the website looked like before 2004.

RIA website before 2004

I have some interesting ideas for it:

  • Instead of the blog as the front page, redesign front page to simplify navigation and accessibility.
  • Split up into 6 themes according to what are the most requested information: World Festival, Your Country, About RIA, Blog, Events Calendar, Memberships.
  • Shiny new logo
  • About RIA – Allow people to easily find photos, and other promotional materials. Without exposing personal information, add a directory of current board members and a way for people to contact them.
  • Your Country – Enable people to easily find resources and news based on a specific country.
  • Memberships – Add ability to renew or join membership online. Add a way to accept credit card donations online via PayPal or Google Checkout.
  • Link to Facebook group page for RIA