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Mobile Ajax and the Future of the Web

Continuing the theme of mobile web 2.0, here’s a presentation from Dan Appelquist at the Web 2.0 Conference on April 24, 2008. Another must read for those of us interested in the mobile web development space.

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Mobile Web Design presentation by Brian Fling

This is a must read for anyone interested in developing mobile web applications for mobile devices. It gives a good overview, and goes into some detail into iPhone web development near the end.  It is almost like a state of the union address for where we are at with mobile application development.


Coming Soon To All 50 States: The 60 mpg VW Jetta Diesel

Wired Magazine online has reported that Volkswagon has finally been able to get approval for their impressive 60 MPG VW Jetta Diesel automobile to come state-side.  My take on it is, why don’t other car manufacturers step up to the green challenge that Toyota, Honda, and now Volkswagon have brought.  For now, I’ll be using my Yamaha Vino scooter (70 MPG) a lot more when Spring and Summer weather starts to kick in.  I am still very surprised that people in Minnesota still drive their SUVs and trucks a lot.  When $4 a gallon hits, many people will start to re-evaluate their transportation options, for sure.  Read more at Wired.