NHL Supports SlingBox (Placeshifting)

According to a Slashdot story… National Hockey League Embraces TV Placeshifting. Ever since I bought my two SlingBox devices over a year ago, I’ve been able to watch pretty much all my favorite hockey team’s games over the convenience of the Internet and my SmartPhone. Before that, I was forced to purchase the NHL Center Ice package from Dish Network. Local blackouts were common and enforced rigorously. By the way, Dish Network’s customer service is beyond terrible. Anyway, I digress. Since I am a displaced Calgarian living in the United States, SlingBox has been a boon for me. I simply placed my SlingBox device at my parent’s place in Calgary, and registered the unit to be accessible outside the firewall. After that, I simply use their SlingPlayer application (Windows, Mac, and Windows SmartPhone available) to view the hockey games. The streaming quality is not the best, and is probably why there is no accessory for outputting the stream to an actual TV set top. Also, there is no built-in support to record streams. They have even encrypted all the streams, so that 3rd party apps cannot do that either. If Sling can partner up with Apple TV, it may even entice me to buy an Apple TV device. Technology is great, aint it?

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