New Year Predictions 2007

Wow! It is another year gone by. Lots of things have happened in 2006 for me, some good, and some not so good. But let’s not dwell on the past. Instead, I offer some predictions on what I think will be keeping me and the rest of the technology world busy.

  • The semantic web will finally become realised: RSS feeds and iCalendar formats will become mainstream. Why can’t I login to my credit card website and be able to easily transfer bill due dates into my Google Calendar? Security and privacy? That’s what SSL is for. Also, Microformats will be the new thing that many websites will be implementing, including my own. Check out my hcard microformat in my About Us page.
  • Blogs and wikis will also become mainstream in the business world just as it has become mainstream in the rest of the web community. This past year, blogs and wikis have trickled into the corporate world. At IBM internal, this past year has seen this come into fruition. Check out the public directory of IBM bloggers. I am listed as second to last on the page.
  • The realization of the mobile web 2.0 as a legitimate business model will start to gain momentum. We have the three screens that occupy our lives: TV, computers, and mobile devices. Mobile devices have had a lot of catching up to do in North America. In Europe and Asia, it is arguably the number one screen for viewing and interacting with information. In North America, the younger generation that grew up using mobile phones to communicate will come into the corporate world, and will become the new set of consumers for companies to target. This generation is less reliant on TV for information, and spend more time being mobile. That trend is proven by the vast number of laptop sales versus desktop computer sales. Thus, mobile phones as the primary screen interface will be a constant source of information and entertainment. Companies that can enable the mobile lifestyle without roadblocks will be the ones that the new mobile generation will embrace. That means, no walled gardens, no DRM, use of open standards, data easily transferable and moved, and the enablement of websites for the next generation of mobile web browsers. Head over to my other blog called The Mobile Web 2.0 to keep track of the latest developments in this field.

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