Viral Marketing: Help Me Buy a Laptop!

No… help ME buy a laptop!  Let’s see if the netizens band together to help this gal buy a new MacBook Pro laptop.  $150 PayPal donation gets you your own laser etched logo on the new laptop.  It’s kinda like the Million Dollar homepage idea, with a new twist.  🙂

Google Technology

New Google Calendar features: weather

Finally, Google listened to me. They have released a new feature that allows you to instantly see this week’s weather forecast as a little icon on the top of every day box. To top it off, they are also opening up an API to allow anyone to add add their own little icons with useful information. Now, that’s why Google is a leader. They actually listen to people like me. 🙂

Google Calendar weather


From Geek to Manager

Here’s something I found while reading an article on Java Developers Journal at my local Barne’s and Noble bookstore. Interesting to see an old colleague getting published in a magazine.

How to Go from Geek to Manager
— You’re six-feet, 190 pounds and can type System.out.println faster than most people can say AJAX. You’re a person who dreams about the Milwaukee Brewers winning the World Series and the correct data structure to be used when talking about a baseball player. You’ve spent five years of your life writing Java code and leading Java development teams. You consider yourself an expert in Swing, Struts, XML, and XSL-FO and feel comfortable talking about any other buzzword in the Java world such as JSF, Portal, and AJAX. You’ve had experience as development lead on a team with anywhere from three to seven people where Java applications were rolled into production well within the scheduled deadline. Now you have received a management position on an internal Java development team. Where do you start? What things do you look at from day one? What’s your role going to be as a manager? What would you like to see happen within your team? Do you want to keep your technical skills? How do you rate your employees at the end of the year?