Lotus Notes 7.02 new features rock!

Here’s the lowdown on what’s in the pipeline for the next maintenance release of 7.02 of Lotus Notes.  I can’t wait for these features, as it seems like these are a long time coming.

  • First 7.x release for the Mac OS X Tiger.  The last one was version 6.5.3.  Now, Lotus Notes can boast the widest platform support with Windows plus Mac and Linux.
  • Ability to import iCalendar files.  Finally!  Let’s hope that export to iCal will be included as well, so that I can sync up with Google Calendar.
  • Blog templates for publishing a blog on Lotus Domino servers.  I believe this is based on the DominoBlog engine that fellow blogger Steve Castledine has worked on independently over the past few years.  Now that Steve’s with IBM, we should see some of his magic unfold into this product.
  • RSS Feed Generator available for all Notes databases and views.
  • Watch out PortableApps: Here comes Lotus Notes on a (memory) stick.  Perhaps the coolest of all the new 7.0.2 features is the ability to load a user’s Lotus Notes environment on to a USB flash drive, or memory stick. Users can then insert the memory stick into the USB drive on any other computer, double-click the icon that appears on the computer’s desktop and use their Lotus Notes environment on that computer – whether the computer has Lotus Notes installed or not.  I’ve been doing this for a while with a little hack from called Notes Client on USB key. However, now that its officially part of the product, I’ll definitely be switching.

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World Cup 2006 Begins!

The FIFA 2006 World Cup has officially begun!  My predictions are that England, France, and Brasil will all do well.  I will be routing for the American side, as they are still considered the underdogs in their group.  They will be facing a tough group in Italy, Czech Republic, and Ghana.  Unfortunately, two of these four great teams will not make it.  Viva la underdogs!


Today is 6/6/6 – Freaky!

Is it just me or does anyone else notice the significance of this date.