The Intel Mac (First Looks)

Ever since the announcement at MacWorld Expo on Jan 2006, people have been anxiously waiting to see if the new Intel Macs would deliver on some key features and not so advertised ability to run Windows XP on the same hardware.  Missing information on the new MacBook Pro and Intel iMac were the actual power consumption stats.  The MacBook Pro being the most to benefit, it seems odd that this factoid was left out.  The other key aspect that people were wondering was whether or not the 4x speed increase was really as advertised.  So far, based on real world tests, the overall improvements are only 25% better than their previous PowerPC counterparts.  That is quite a bit lower than the 4x improvements promised.  The other issue left to verify is whether or not it is possible to dual-boot Windows XP on the Intel Mac hardware.  Apparently, someone has offered up a bounty for the first person/group that can do it.  

* Windows XP on an Intel Mac Contest
* Intel Macs only one fourth, not four times faster – report  

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