The Evils and Necessities of DRM

Let’s talk about why digital content is DRMed, and why it is not good for consumers.  My personal take on this is that we are going down the wrong path. This is one of the few industries in which the consumer is not always right. It is sad that the provider treats the consumer like a thief and a child. Fair use is something that we should be going back to. DRM ties the content to a particular provider, and if the provider or the consumer goes away or vanishes, the content vanishes with it. There are much better ways to increase sales and deter piracy. The real pirates in China or some other country are not going to be detered from DRM. The only people it stops are the average consumer from enjoying the product that they legally purchased in the first place.  I pray that someday the music and movie biz finally gets it through their thick skull that DRM is flawed.

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