Merry Christmas Happy New Year

I can’t believe that another year is past. It seems like just yesterday that Christmas came and gone. I can start by recapping some of the things that caught my eye this year. Next, I will layout my plans for the new year 2006.

The Stats
This year (2005), I was very busy. So busy that I only made 42 postings to my blog as opposed to 95 postings the year before (2004). My first blog posting was March 8, 2004.  Also, this year saw a spike in readership with as many as 9,500 unique page hits, as opposed to about 1,000 unique page hits in 2004. I attribute it mostly to the Digg effect.

2005 Highlights

  • Apple’s stock splt in February 2005. Boy, was I glad I bought their stock when it was cheap. 🙂
  • March 2005 saw an end to my job at IBM Rochester and my employer AIC. They kinda forced me to resign, based on some shady deals behind my back.
  • In April, May, June, and July, I had plenty of contract projects as a self-employed web developer to keep me busy.
  • In August, the pressures of finding steady stream of cash took its toll, and I decided to take on another contract position in IBM Rochester under a new employer CTG.
  • From September to December, I was kept extremely busy by my work commitments, my Masters degree scholastic work at UoP, and some side web projects namely web site maintenance, and
  • In the sports world, the NHL hockey returned after a year of lockout labour dispute. My favourite team, the Calgary Flames, got off to a slow start, but eventually picked it up and are now in the thick of the playoff race.
  • Unfortunately, the year was also a year of natural disasters. People were just recovering from the Asian Tsunami. Then, the United States got hit by a slew of hurricanes. The worst was Hurricane Katrina that destroyed the entire city of New Orleans.

In the year ahead, I wish for all the standard stuff for my family and friends, like health, happiness, wealth, and luck. Aside from that, I want to see my Apple stock do well. Indications are good since Apple will roll out their Intel based Macs this year 2006. Finally, I plan on finally graduating from my Masters degree in CIS studies. Yeah!

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