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Email woes at SpyMac

My SpyMac mail has been out of service for about one week now. I am a little bit pissed that they did not warn anyone ahead of time. I cannot access my email in any way, form, or shape. This is quite unacceptable, especially since I paid $39.99 for the Premium email service. I depend heavily on email, personally and for my business. Looks like I will have to search for another email provider. I wrote a brief last year about the Email storage wars. Looks like I will have to revisit that list and check out which one has come out with the best plan. For those who are looking to reach me, I have a alternate address at tomasyung AT

UPDATE: Looks like my SpyMac mail finally came back online (on Monday evening). Fortunately, some of the emails that were in route to me during the outage, did come through. However, there was the issue of my archived mail folders being lost. After calling them up and leaving them a message, I finally got my archived mail back today (Wednesday). Even though, they got me back to the state where I was before the outage, it was still unprofessional as to how they handled this “planned mail server migration”. I hope they learn from this mistake, because this user has just lost its trust in SpyMac. I assume many others feel the same. I will be backing up my email regularly from now on. I will also be on the lookout for another email address. Unfortunately, the pickings are slim. Gmail (free) and Yahoo ($20/yr) both provide 2GB mail accounts, but they don’t provide IMAP, only POP mail. Hotmail ($20/yr) also has 2GB accounts, but only provide access using Outlook using their proprietary HTTP mail server and POP. Why is IMAP mail access so important? It allows you to connect from different PCs/Macs and synchronizes your mail and folders automatically between them all. Without it, all of us who access our emails using our email applications from home, work, and other machines, would all be out of sync.