IBM first week

The first week on a regular gig at IBM has gone by. It was not quite as I expected it. No big hoopla surrounding my introduction to the team. The office was small and dark. It felt a little cramped especially since I had to share the office with another person. The big blue buildings had this coldness about it that I couldn’t quite explain. It’s probably because I was stuck in my office all week in the middle of a maze. Luckily, they have a garden courtyard that people can go into and work wirelessly with their laptops. I had requested a Thinkpad T41 with wi-fi so I could get out of that dungeon of an office. We’ll see if that gets approved next week or not. I won’t be a happy camper if the request gets rejected. 🙁  That’s all I can divulge for now. I’ve been kept busy with this gig as well as attending online classes for my Masters degree. I’ve even drafted a pretty good design for my upcoming project called PERPETUO.US. Looking forward to getting that all ready for the beta phase.

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