New projects: cityblogz and ria-minnesota

I am proud to announce a new website for my web design and consulting business. I call it CityBlogz Design Studio.  I had originally registered that domain to be a blog portal for local metros, but that was before I found out that there are already many websites that do that. i.e. TheGothamist. So basically, I resigned to using the domain name for my web design business.  I am especially proud that the CityBlogz website was designed with accessibility and web standards in mind.  I tried to make the website as “bulletproof” as possible. “Bulletproof” is a term Dan Cederholm coins that describes:

design techniques that embrace flexibility — allowing for varying text size or content amounts. Also ensuring that web designs accounted for worst-case scenarios: preparing for a variety of situations, where the imporant parts of the page were adaptable — maintaining maximum readability and accessibility. At the same time, these techniques could still allow designs to be compelling. We could create cool web sites, while at the same time inject flexibility that helps them reach the widest audience possible.

I have also been busy working with the local non-profit organization called R.I.A. (Rochester International Association) . They have recruited me to redesign their old website and bring it to the modern age of web standards.


Mactel alliance could boost hardware sales

As most of you in the computer world know, Apple has decided to make the switch over to the x86 architecture (with Intel) for their computer processors. Until that happens, many have speculated what possibilities that alliance could conjour up. For me, I’m looking forward to the day I can buy a Mac with a dual boot option for Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Let’s be real here. Windows isn’t going away and most of us still use Windows to do our jobs.

Steve Jobs (CEO of Apple) has decided very firmly on not licensing Mac OS X to the PC hardware platform. However, he isn’t going to stop people from installing Windows on his Mac Intel hardware. That may well turn out to be a very wise move for driving more hardware sales over to Apple. I can just imagine someone at Apple’s marketing team coming up with a tagline, “Buy Apple hardware. Run both Mac OS X and Windows.”  If I were the Dell Computers of this world, I’d be concerned. Maybe not now, but if Apple finds ways to lower its costs, then all of a sudden it becomes very interesting indeed.


Asian American opinions matter

I don’t normally talk about politics but this excerpt from the 80-20 Initiative email newsletter I subscribe to just made my blood boil over. On 101.5 FM in NJ, the following conversation took place.  The Jersey Guys, Craig Carton and Ray Rossi, were spreading anti-AsAm sentiment centered upon a Korean-Am political candidate running for office in Edison, NJ.  A listener called in on April 25, 2005.

Caller: Hi, I love you
Carton: Thank you.
Caller: You just said it all, the last couple of…callers, I guess they don’t know that they live in America & WE’RE BEING OVERRUN.
I had just moved out of Edison because of what has happened in the past 10 years… ORIENTALS ARE ALL ALONG, THE WHOLE
Caller: I..I moved out..36 years I’ve lived in Edison
Carton: And what was the biggest problem you had with the Orientals and the Indians?
Caller: I can’t handle them! THERE’S NO AM. PEOPLE ANYMORE.
Carton: Eh..
Carton: It’s like you’re a foreigner in your own country isn’t it?
Caller: You go to own store and you can’t even see American people, you don’t see our own kids, American kids, working in stores anymore…
Carton: Like the next time you see an American, you think you’ll probably hug him or high five him or something?
Caller: Oh, that’s why where I moved too, that’s all I have, thank God for now anyways.
Carton: YEAH I’M WITH YOU… SHARON, WE’RE JUST THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE, and I appreciate your call.
Caller: Keep up the good work.
Carton: All right, you got it baby… I think the quote was DAMN ORIENTALS AND INDIANS.*


* See entire transcript:

In this day and age, I find it quite appalling that this kind of thing still happens in America. Apparently, the 80-20 group targeted 3 of the radio programs’ largest advertisers and asked their CEOs to stop their ads.  In 2 days, two of the three advertisers responded positively.  On the 3rd day, the “two guys” agreed to apologize on air.  In addition, the station manager agreed to take 4 other measures to prevent future reccurence.

More information on how all of this got started and the steps taken for the resolution can be found at the Cease Racism blog.