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Project: Psychic Insights by Debbie

Besides my current stream of projects, for the past couple weeks, I’ve been asked to complete a web redesign for a local Rochester Minnesota psychic who prefers to be called Debbie. I finally completed the work yesterday, and I must admit that it was an interesting experience.

The first time I met Debbie, I had my doubts about her abilities, but after my wife spent some time with her, I have to admit that she is fairly accurate in her readings. She wasn’t 100% correct but she got about 80% of the things right, which is quite extraordinary. I’ve also just added the site to my online portfolio.

UPDATE: Due to non-payment, I had to remove the website from the public view.  It is still available in a privately accessible site.

Apple Technology

QuickTime 7 and Quicktime 6

One of the things that I found out when I upgraded to Tiger was that my previous QuickTime 6 Pro license no longer worked. In order for me to use QuickTime 7 Pro, I needed to purchase another license. Crap! But wait. Let me try something. I made a backup of my previous system before I upgraded, so why don’t I just rename the Quicktime Player 6 Pro application on my backup and copy it over to my current Applications folder.

Quicktime pro cart

Guess what? The QuickTime Player 6 Pro application works just fine and it uses the new Quicktime 7 codecs just fine too. Just one last thing to mention… This hack may not work for everyone. What I did was use the Migration Assistant application to transfer my old User account from my backup drive over to my clean install of Tiger. That may have copied over the proper settings into my system so that the Quicktime Player 6 Pro could still function. If anyone can verify this, please let me know.

Here’s a screenshot of my successful hack.

According to Apple, this will no longer work if you apply the latest Quicktime 7.01 patch. Go figure.

06-09-05: After upgrading to 7.01, my Quicktime 6 Pro application still works. I guess that you need to make sure the Quicktime Player app is renamed to something else, before upgrading to 7.01.

01/14/06: Someone at O’Reilly MacDevCenter finally figured it out as well. 🙂
Salvaging QuickTime 6 Pro by Matthew Russell — I wanted back full screen mode, and I got it.