Web Search Optimization Tips

Here are a few well known and some not so known pointers in getting better search engine rankings for your web site.
1.        The keywords meta tag is extremely important.
2.        Use plural keywords i.e. blogs instead of blog
3.        Secondly, the description meta tag is also important.
4.        Make sure the title tage is descriptive. Keywords in your title is very important with Yahoo! Search.
5.        Use your keywords in the HTML Heading tags.  
6.        Leave keywords in comment tags.
7.        Tell the search engine spider when to come back using the revisit-after meta tag.
8.        Tell the search engine spider to also index all pages linked on your page using the name=”robots” content=”index, follow” meta tag.
9.        To subtly boost the number of keywords on a page, set the text color to one similar to your background. Insert a sentence, containing your top 6 keywords, at the bottom of your main page.
10.        Know your audience.
11.        Get recommendations.
12.        Use promotions and cross-promotions to attract visitors.
13.        Easy submission to all major search engines using or
14.        Use Google Adwords
15.        Use Google to find out how many websites are linking to yours. i.e.
16.        Finally check out the Search Engine Marketing Kit.

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