Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven (IMDB review) is a recently released movie romanticizing the old Crusades of the middle ages. I highly doubt this movie will be a hit with the Islamic population in the United States, since the Crusades really left a scar in not only Islamic culture, but also Jewish, and Orthodox Christian culture. Anyway, I think that before going to see such a movie, we should learn more about the realities of the Crusades and not what the movies want to portray. Interestingly enough, some historians are even saying that Bush’s War on Terrorism is really the Tenth Crusade in our world history. I realize that whenever religion and politics mix, it can be a recipe for disaster. The Crusades proved that.

Imagine there’s no countries, It isn’t hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too,
Imagine all the people, living life in peace…

Now I understand what the lyrics from John Lennon’s Imagine are talking about.

Journal Technology

Flying Cars Ready to Take Off

Wow! Can you believe this story? The folks at NASA have built something called “The Highway in the Sky.” It’s a computer system designed to let millions of people fly whenever they please, and take off and land from wherever they please, in their very own vehicles.

And here’s the good news — a lot of people are building machines you’ll be able to buy. The article is located at CBS’ 60 Minutes website entitled “Flying Cars Ready To Take Off“.

Flying car


Web Search Optimization Tips

Here are a few well known and some not so known pointers in getting better search engine rankings for your web site.
1.        The keywords meta tag is extremely important.
2.        Use plural keywords i.e. blogs instead of blog
3.        Secondly, the description meta tag is also important.
4.        Make sure the title tage is descriptive. Keywords in your title is very important with Yahoo! Search.
5.        Use your keywords in the HTML Heading tags.  
6.        Leave keywords in comment tags.
7.        Tell the search engine spider when to come back using the revisit-after meta tag.
8.        Tell the search engine spider to also index all pages linked on your page using the name=”robots” content=”index, follow” meta tag.
9.        To subtly boost the number of keywords on a page, set the text color to one similar to your background. Insert a sentence, containing your top 6 keywords, at the bottom of your main page.
10.        Know your audience.
11.        Get recommendations.
12.        Use promotions and cross-promotions to attract visitors.
13.        Easy submission to all major search engines using or
14.        Use Google Adwords
15.        Use Google to find out how many websites are linking to yours. i.e.
16.        Finally check out the Search Engine Marketing Kit.