12 Rules of Blogging

  • Make it clear that the views expressed in the blog do not necessarily represent the views of the employer.  
  • Respect the company’s confidentiality and proprietary information.  
  • Ask your manager if you have any questions about what is appropriate to include in the blog.  
  • Be respectful to the company, employees, customers, partners, and competitors. Criticise but be balanced, give opportunity for feedback, and be justifiable.  
  • Observe company requests that topics not be discussed for confidentiality or legal compliance reasons.  
  • Ensure that your blogging activity does not interfere with your work commitments or employee relations.  
  • Tell the truth and write with balance and accuracy. Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly. Acknowledge conflicts of interest.  
  • Keep records of original posts and indicate where a message has been edited or summarized.  
  • Be prepared to delete inappropriate posts and spam or off-topic material.  
  • Reply to e-mails and comments promptly and be prepared to explain how complaints are being dealt with.  
  • Don’t steal copyright material. Link to online references and original source materials directly.  
  • Keep private issues private and don’t jeopardise the company’s working relationships.
  • Source: Nick Lockett, DL Legal

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