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My current projects

My last day at work was March 3rd, 2005. I’ve been having a mini-vacation since then. 🙂 It has been quite interesting seeing how many employers have been knocking at my door. I’ve had to say no to some already. I guess I can afford to be a little picky.

As far as keeping busy during that time, I’ve been picking up skills in PHP and the whole L.A.M.P. open source development architecture. Even IBM seems interested in supporting it by partnering with Zend (the PHP optimization company). On February 25, 2005, IBM announced an agreement with Zend Technologies to develop the industry’s first integrated solution designed to help developers build and deploy applications and services based on the popular PHP Web language. You may be curious why I chose to learn PHP and MySQL. I do have a special project under tight wraps that I am hoping to release in the next couple months (all using L.A.M.P). I will be partnering with my close colleague Jason Bagorio and his company BizwareTech to release a special version of his current website Anyway, I can’t really say too much, so look for it in the upcoming months.