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I’ve been thinking a lot about my career options lately. The current company that pays my check has committed a number of bad moves toward me as an employee that I feel warrant a change of scenery. Firstly, all the PTO that I’ve saved up over the last 4 years have mysteriously disappeared. Secondly, I didn’t find out till last week that my wages were reduced by 5%, applicable since the start of 2005 (all without telling me before the start of the year). I had to find out when I took a look at my last few paycheck stubs and complained. Thirdly, they got rid of the tuition reimbursement program in 2003, when I was nearly half way into completing my Masters degree program. It will take me at least a couple more years to complete my degree because of that set back. Anyway, I’ve had meetings with my managers and I’ve communicated how I felt. I’ve done a lot of thinking lately and I think it is time for me to move on. From a wages and benefits standpoint, my current compensation is far below average. I’m pulling in only about $41,000 per year. Not good considering all the experience that I have. Although, I enjoy certain aspects of working at IBM (as a contractor), I must admit there is a glass ceiling as far as rewards structure, and leadership responsibilities are concerned. I was kind of feeling like my career had derailed or stalled. I have always observed that contractors/vendors at IBM were treated as second class citizens. Maybe this is not completely true for all organizations within IBM, but that was the pervasive feeling that I had gotten.

Anyway, enough of my bitter ranting. If any readers of my blog wish to give an experienced web developer/designer a chance at career bliss, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My resume is available here online. If anyone from Apple, Google, and any major web design firms come a knocking, I’m ready to listen.

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