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Wednesday’s Web Design Tips

Here’s a nice site to visit if you do a lot of dynamic HTML work using CSS and JavaScript.  The page is titled “CSS Properties To JavaScript Reference Conversion“.  It is quite handy as a reference sheet to print out.  

In other news from the web blogging world, Google has setup a rather interesting initiative to help prevent comment spam on blogs. They have partnered with MSN Search and Yahoo! Search to set these standards. It basically requires that the author of the blog to add a new link attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on any hyperlinks that are created in the comments section of the blog. Google and other search engines would then ignore the hyperlink when determining search rankings. I am assuming that this has been a common technique to increase page rankings in Google for quite some time. Of course, this initiative would not solve the problem of comment spam without hyperlinks, but I think it is a step in the right direction.  

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