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Newsworthy: JHymn, and Apprentice’s IT contestants

I usually go through the better part of the morning checking out my RSS subcriptions on Here’s a few stories that I found interesting:

JHymn Goes Behind Atoms and Apple To Bring DRM-Free Music
by Howard Wen describes the newest successor to Hymn that allows iTunes purchased songs to be freed from their shackles of DRM.

Microsoft worker wants to be Trump’s ‘Apprentice’
describes how TV’s Apprentice contestant Verna Felton is going for the title of Trump’s apprentice. She even has her own following at Microsoft and her own website.

Besides having a Microsoft representation in the show, Apprentice contestant Stephanie Myers works at IBM. Since, I work at IBM also (as a contractor), I was interested in seeing if I could locate her in the Intranet directory. Hmmm… looks like she still works at IBM, but her telephone number is not publicly made available. For legality reasons, I blurred out her email and building location.



Watch out ISPs, cable, phone companies

One Canadian’s wireless neighborhood network could someday serve us all.

Like many of us, Andrew Greig put a WiFi access point in his house so he could share his broadband Internet connection. But like hardly any of us, Andrew uses his WiFi network for Internet, television, and telephone. He cancelled his telephone line and cable TV service. Then his neighbors dropped-by, saw what Andrew had done, and they cancelled their telephone and cable TV services, too, many of them without having a wired broadband connection of their own. They get their service from Andrew, who added an inline amplifier and put a better antenna in his attic. Now most of Andrew’s neighborhood is watching digital TV with full PVR capability, making unmetered VoIP telephone calls, and downloading data at prodigious rates thanks to shared bandwidth. Is this the future of home communications and entertainment? It could be, five years from now, if Andrew Greig has anything to say about it.


Google employee blogs about life at Google

This blog has interesting stuff about life at Google from the inside. Google employee Mark Jen never envisioned that his blog would garner much attention. That is until everyone else on the web and Google found out about it. He was forced to revise some of his posts. Ironically, his original posts were cached by search engines. It’ll be quite interesting to see how popular his site will become. I have a funny feeling that he will be closely monitored by everyone at Google. What a way to start out on a new job, eh?