Usability: Checkboxes vs. Radio buttons

I have been doing some reading to educate myself in the realm of web design and I came across an interesting site called by Jakob Nielsen. It has some very good content on website usability. I have already bookmarked the site. One of the more interesting pieces that I came across was an article about form checkboxes and radio buttons. It was quite interesting to read that many of us web developers still make the mistakes that his article outlines. Hopefully, I can learn a lot more from Jakob Nielsen. I am looking forward to his next article.

IBM lotus Technology

LotusScript Tip: limiting object references

I had heard of a similar tip for the Domino Java APIs, but this is a new one for me. As far as I know, LotusScript objects do not suffer from memory leaks as its Java counterpart, but the following tip does seem to make sense. Read it here at Lotus Advisor.