Disturbingly funny: Democrats moving to Canada?

In wake of the results of Election 2004, some interestingly funny and disturbing news tidbits have surfaced.

On the funny side of things… According to The Register, Canada offers refuge to distraught Democrats. On the Marry An American website, (motto: “No good American will be left behind”), an initiative has been designed to give marital sanctuary to Democrats for whom the USA has become just too, well, Republican.

On the disturbing side of things… According to The Register, on the day Kerry conceded the Netscape/CNN website article displayed a picture of George W and Laura. What most people didn’t know was that the name of the image file was “a–hole.jpg”! Well, needless to say, the employee responsible for that act of stupidness was fired for their actions.  

On the somewhat serious side… According to The Register, they explain how organized religion, not Net religion, won it for Bush.

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