Why you must not vote for Bush

If you really want to know why, just pick up a copy of Michael Moore’s Farenheit 911 film documentary. The only thing that I agree with Bush on is his stance on anti-abortion. Bush has a large following in the Christian community because of Bush’s stance on anti-abortion. Many church leaders are urging their church members to vote for Bush. However, this is a wrong reason to vote for somebody. If you have kept up with Bush’s other records, you would find that Bush has done a lot of immoral things.  

His adminstration has been largely anti-environmentalist. Just look at how Bush pulled the United States out of the Kyoto Protocol. He has largely ignored minorities in America. Even the U.S. Comission on Civil Rights has assailed the Bush administration’s record on civil rights. Asian Americans should be afraid of internment camps should the US ever go to war with N. Korea according to the 80-20 Initiative. Kerry & Edwards condemned in writing Congressman Howard Coble, Chairman of House Subcommittee on Homeland Security who publicly justified on 2/3/2003 WWII internment of Japanese Americans. Bush & Cheney were SILENT, in the face of a huge protest from every component of the Asian American community. The Patriot Act, signed by Bush, has given the US government dictator-like powers over the American people. Is America becoming the new Hitler-led Germany? Who knows, but the environment suggests it. We must learn from history or history will repeat itself.

Make an informed vote. Do not vote solely with your religious beliefs and looks alone. If you did, you’d probably have the tendency to vote for Bush. But you guys are smarter than that, right?

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