Mac Unix Tip

If you have a Mac and you’ve used the Terminal application to run Unix scripts, here is a useful tip for you. Everyone has used the cp command to copy files from one path location to another. However, many files in the Mac have so called resource forksassociated with the files that do not get copied along when using the cp command. Briefly, ditto is an Apple-developed tool for copying entire directories. Most important, ditto has a -rsrc option flag that ensures resource forks as well as creator/type codes are preserved in the copies. For example, this command will copy the Office X Identities directory from my home directory to the Backup directory on the external drive “Secondary”:

ditto -V -rsrc ~/Documents/”Microsoft User Data/Office X Identities” “/Volumes/Secondary/Backups/Office X Identities”
The above command is all one line.


Hockey Sports

Canada Wins! NHL loses.

Canada wins 3-2! Just finished watching the final. It wasn’t as entertaining as the last game that Canada played against the Czech Republic but it was a good one nonetheless. Four Calgary Flames players were in the roster for both Canada and Finland. Mikka Kiprusoff and Ville Nieminen for the Finns. Jarome Iginla and Robyn Regehr for the Canadians. Should be interesting Flames locker room chat if a NHL season ever gets underway. I just can’t believe that the players union and the NHL cannot reach an agreement. So much is at stake. Both sides will lose big time if there is no season. Oh well… greed only begets greed.

Canada Cup


Why is al-Qaeda winning?

I’m not a normally interested in politics, but here’s an article I found on the internet that raised my eye brows. It basically talks about how the Bush campaign on terror never really worked and in fact has created more terror attacks world wide than before September 11, 2001. An interesting excerpt from the article reads.

As nihilistic as it may be, al-Qaeda, from a business point of view, is a major success: three years after September 11, it is a global brand and a global movement. The Middle East, in this scenario, is just a regional base station. This global brand does not have much to do with Islam. But it has everything to do with the globalization of anti-imperialism. And the empire, whatever its definition, has its center in Washington. Bin Laden is laughing: Bush’s crusade has legitimized an obscure sect as a worldwide symbol of political revolt. How could bin Laden not vote for Bush?