E-mail storage wars has begun

I found it interesting that now Hotmail has joined the webmail storage space wars by offering 250 MB for its free email service and 2 GB of storage for its paid service. It’s getting crowded now. Here’s a summary of who’s offering what.  

  • Gmail – 1GB storage, 10MB attachments
  • Hotmail Plus – $19.95 per year, 2GB storage, 20MB attachments
  • Hotmail free – 250MB storage, 10MB attachments
  • Yahoo Mail Plus – £11.99, 2GB storage, 10MB attachments
  • Yahoo Free – 100MB of storage, 10MB attachments
  • Lycos UK Personal – £41.88 per year, 1GB storage, 50MB attachments
  • Lycos UK – free, 10MB storage
  • Spymac – free, 1GB storage
  • Ask Jeeves – free, 250MB storage
  • Ask Jeeves Excite Gold – $19.99 per year, 2GB storage
  • Shiremail – £42 per year, 1GB storage  

By the way, I’ll give a review of how my new Google Gmail account in the upcoming weeks.  Thanks to Ha and Chris for the Gmail invitations!  

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