Memorial weekend musings

Yesterday, I attended the IBM DeveloperWorks speed-start seminar on Web Services in Minneapolis St. Paul. That was a pretty interesting topic, since it could apply to future projects that I may be engaging in. A good link to bookmark is Another one is

The Calgary Flames game 2 against Tampa Bay Lightning really sucked.  Half the team gave half effort and the result showed.  If the team wants the championship, they’ll have to start sticking it to the Lightning players.

Ok, this journal entry will be the last entry till June 6.  Until then, tah tah.  


VolumeWorks lets OS X users resize disk partitions

Finally, the Mac has a tool similar to the PC’s PartitionMagic program. SubRosaSoft Ltd. has released VolumeWorks 1.0, a new utility for Mac OS X users that enables the resizing and management of hard disk drive data partitions non-destructively. It supports ATA, SCSI, FireWire and USB drives, and lets users hide partitions and apply custom icons to their newly created partitions. VolumeWorks costs US$49.95 and requires Mac OS X v10.2 or higher.


Stanley Cup playoff predictions

The great swammy has decided to offer another bold prediction for the NHL Stanley Cup finals between Calgary Flames and Tampa Bay Lightning. Based on the lone regular season meeting between these two clubs, Tampa Bay obviously has a very good forward group, but I believe they can be stopped by great goaltending and the solid defense core of the Calgary Flames. Everyone seems to be picking the Tampa Bay Lightning in 5 or 6 games, but I think the Calgary Flames could stick it to them in 6 games. The key players to watch for on the Flames are Iginla, Nieminen, and Kiprusoff. I predict that they’ll come up big when the time comes. Tampa Bay will have the likes of St.Louis, and Khabibulin, who will have a great couple of games, but I predict that their luck will run out for the other 4 games. Here’s hoping I’m right. Cheers!