Hertz scammed me!

I can’t believe that I was scammed by Hertz Car Rental.  I did a one day vehicle rental and I returned it before it was due to one of their after hours drop-off locations.  Much to my surprise, I got charged for two days rental.  I complained and they refused to honour my claim.  On the form they ask you to enter the exact time and day you returned it.  In my negligence, I didn’t make any copies of the after hours drop-off form.  This is when a digital camera or cell phone camera would’ve been useful.  Of course, you’d have to snap the picture with the timestamp on the picture.  This is one of those experiences in which you learn from.  Also, I have decided to stop renting from Hertz and I recommend that you do the same.  Those after hour drop offs are an easy way for them to scam you.

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