About Rochester Minnesota

I’ve noticed getting some international visitors to my website. Therefore, maybe its about time I introduced folks to this city. Ever since 1997, I’ve made Rochester, MN my home. This city of about 100,000, was made famous by the Mayo Clinic. They even have the Mayo medical school here. Many famous celebrities have been spotted at the Mayo Clinic, including President Bush Senior. The other big employer in town is IBM Rochester. It is the home of the AS/400 or iSeries eServer platform.

It is a very conservative town, with churches in almost every neighbourhood. Initially when I came here, not known for its cultural diversity, the city has started to attract more international visitors. Soccer fields are also very common in this city. That’s where you can see the many different cultures of the city come together. I keep fit by playing in the city leagues whenever I can.

I realize that Rochester is not the best city for entertainment and nightlife, but it is fairly safe and a great place to raise a family. I am not sure if I’ll live here my whole life. I doubt it, but until circumstances dictate otherwise, I’m sticking with it.


Final indoor soccer game of the season

Yesterday evening, I played the final indoor soccer game of the winter season.  We ended up with a tie of 1-1.  I played forward striker position this time.  I assisted on our lone goal and I had one shot that rang off the post.  As the game neared the end, our team just got tired.  We gave up a goal in the dying minutes of the game.  The positive spin is that we created more quality chances than the other team, but we couldn’t capitalize.

IBM lotus Technology

Security Advisories for Notes/Domino

For those of you who are interested in the latest security vulnerabilities in a variety
of computing platforms including Lotus Notes/Domino, here are a couple of good sites to bookmark.

  • SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities Listing By Vendor If you are interested in Notes/Domino security vulnerabilities, just select “Lotus” in the vendor dropdown list and hit the Submit button.
  • CERT Advisories CERT does have a good listing of advisories, but it is not as up-to-date as SecurityFocus. SecurityFocus does list a couple of vulnerabilities for the HTTP WebAdmin.nsf database.