Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

clover.jpgAre you wearing green?
You better, or else you’re gonna get pinched. Obviously, I’m not Irish, but let’s celebrate anyway.

Here’s some useless information. Did you know that I attended St. Patrick’s Elementary School when I a kid?

St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. Apparently, he was famous for driving out all the snakes out of Ireland, but that is just a tale.

Win some and lose some

Yesterday, I played a 9:30 PM indoor soccer game at the golf dome.  Our team The Red Rascals just couldn’t score any goals.  We had about 6 quality chances on goal, but the other keeper made all the saves.  We only had a few minor breakdowns the entire game, but the other side capitalized on the one quality chance they had.  The score was 1-0 for the other side (Hefewiezen).