Final indoor soccer game of the season

Yesterday evening, I played the final indoor soccer game of the winter season.  We ended up with a tie of 1-1.  I played forward striker position this time.  I assisted on our lone goal and I had one shot that rang off the post.  As the game neared the end, our team just got tired.  We gave up a goal in the dying minutes of the game.  The positive spin is that we created more quality chances than the other team, but we couldn’t capitalize.

Win some and lose some

Yesterday, I played a 9:30 PM indoor soccer game at the golf dome.  Our team The Red Rascals just couldn’t score any goals.  We had about 6 quality chances on goal, but the other keeper made all the saves.  We only had a few minor breakdowns the entire game, but the other side capitalized on the one quality chance they had.  The score was 1-0 for the other side (Hefewiezen).