Exercise performance tips: when and what to eat

Whether you’re a recreational athlete, marathon runner, or soccer player, what you eat and when you eat it can affect your performance and the way you feel while you’re exercising. Here’s an article from Mayo Clinic website that details the important points so you can be at the top of your game.

Aikido classes and other info

Here’s an interesting site for you people that are interested in Aikido. It’s called AikidoJournal online. They have community forums, articles, and a weblog. It would be nice if they syndicated their blog so I can tell if they have new content. Anyway, I’ve been able to attend Aikido classes for the month of July at the Aikido of Rochester, and I must admit it was quite an experience to come back in after 5 years. My timing was off and I forgot many things that I learned when I successfully completed my 5th kyu test. I think that as I progress, my timing will get back to normal. However, I will be taking a one month leave of absence because of my Masters degree studies at the University of Phoenix online. So, hopefully, one month off won’t be too detrimental.

Aikido classes, etc.

Yesterday, I attended my first aikido class in almost 5 years! Needless to say I was a little rusty. The main point in aikido is to be relaxed and fluid when performing the techniques, but I could tell I was forcing all my movements. In any case, my mind and body felt a lot better after the class. It is kind of like yoga, but you learn self defense in the process. I’ve also volunteered to update the Rochester of Aikido website. Nobody has updated the site in 5 years! Time for a change.

In hockey news, the Calgary Flames win on the road again. I wonder if playing at home makes the team lose focus or what. I’ll make a bold prediction that the Flames will get their act together for game 6. Go Flames go!