iPhone firmware wishlist

After getting my hands on an iPhone for the last few months, my impression is that it is the most elegant mobile phone out there. However, here’s a few ideas for Apple to incorporate into their next iPhone update that’ll make it truly the best mobile phone in the world.

  • Copy and paste (Come on, how hard can this be?)
  • Text to speech for Safari web pages (This is useful for when you are driving and want the text of the web page to be read outloud to you)
  • Enable Bluetooth GPS receivers (If the Windows Mobile SmartPhone has support for this, then why can’t the iPhone?)
  • Voice prompted turn-by-turn navigation in Maps (Right now, you get directions in the Maps application, but unless you have a passenger with you that can operate the iPhone and tell you where to turn next, you are bound to get into an accident doing this solo)
  • Corporate Wi-Fi access (allow user/pwd instead of preshared key for authentication)
  • Video capture for camera. (Like the copy and paste idea, I have no idea why this is so difficult to implement)
  • Native iPod games that you can buy from iTunes on an iPhone (Not just as a Safari webapp)
  • Enable offline storage for Maps and Safari webapps