IBM blogging community

So it is finally here. IBM has totally embraced blogging as evidenced by this IBM webpage titled “Blogs Go to Work“. From the Lotus Notes 7.0.2 features website, they describe “True to the Lotus Notes software heritage of out-of-the-box collaboration tools, Lotus Notes 7.0.2 software includes a prepackaged application that lets business users quickly create a Web log (blog).” I decided to give it a try, by installing Notes 7.0.2. on my Thinkpad at work, and immediately created a new database based on the advanced template “IBM blog”. Here’s a screenshot of the IBM blog template after I created my first post.

IBM Lotus Notes Insecure Default Directory Permissions

Yet another reason to upgrade to Lotus Notes version 7.0.2. According to Secunia, Lotus Notes sets insecure default permissions (grants “Everyone” group “Full Control”) on the “notes” directory and all child objects. This can be exploited to remove, manipulate, and replace any of the application’s files. Head over to the Secunia website for a full list of all known security bulletins for Lotus Notes 6.x vulnerabilities and Lotus Notes 7.x vulnerabilities. Just in case you are an administrator, you can opt in for alerts via email or SMS.

IBM moves entire division to China

According to New York Times, IBM has moved its global procurement headquarters to southern China from the suburbs of New York City to “capitalize on emerging market opportunities.” Read More

Hmmm, I wonder what is next? Maybe, we should start thinking about moving to China someday. Just a thought.