IBM quarterly cuts – I’m a survivor

I must be doing something right.  Looks like I am a survivor in the latest round of quarterly cuts and promotions spree at  IBM Rochester.  It seems that as part of IBM’s ingrained culture, this is quite a normal process.  People are little bit nervous during these past few weeks, as we do not know whether the proverbial axe will fall or the management directed promotion will land.  As of yesterday, I know of several people who have gotten the pink slip.

As I am currently a contractor at IBM, it is a little bit more nerve-wracking.  It is usually these trying times that makes me wonder if I should be my own boss or get a more permanent position as a regular at IBM.

D-Link and NetGear routers suck!

As the title mentions, I am getting very frustrated with my purchases of both Netgear and D-Link wi-fi routers. The main problem I have been getting with both routers is that it would disconnect from the Internet every so often. Both were bought really cheap. I think I paid about $40 each. I just recently purchased a Linksys wi-fi router and it has yet to fail on me.

After scouring the web for other customer complaints, it appears that the Netgear and D-Link routers have problems sustaining wireless connections. This is especially true if your neighbors use w-fi routers that are labelled “Extreme” or some kind of enhanced mode that boosts the 802.11g spec to greater than the 54Mbps allowed. For some reason, their signals interfere with my signals, with my signal ending up being disconnected. This had not happened a month ago. I am guessing that one of my neighbors recently bought one of these “enhanced” routers. Anyway, the moral of the story is that you get what you pay for, and D-Link and Netgear needs to get to the root of this problem. Otherwise, there will be a whole lot more Linksys switchers.